Handicap Information

In order to maintain the integrity of the handicap system it is important that members abide by the World Handicap System guidelines below and in doing so, our Handicap Indexes accurately reflect our playing abilities. In particular, please post all of your scores as soon as possible after playing. For TPMGA events, the Handicap Chairman will post your scores.

Failure to post rounds or intentionally posting incorrect scores will be considered conduct unbecoming a player and may result in revocation of a player's future participation in TPMGA events per the LOCAL RULES AND CONDITIONS OF COMPETITION.

If necessary, adjustments to current USGA Handicap Indexes for TPMGA events will be reviewed and approved by the Handicap Chairman and the Board of Directors.

World Handicap System
1.3 Responsibilities of Player, Handicap Committee and Authorized Association


A player is expected to:

Golf Club/Handicap Committee